Implementasi Pembiasaan Ibadah Ritual dan Sosial Siswa SD


  • Misbahudin Misbahudin SMP PGRI Bantargadung Kabupaten Sukabumi
  • Endin Nasrudin UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung
  • Siti Qomariyah STAI Sukabumi
  • Kun Nurachadijat STAI Sukabumi


Habituation, Implementation, Worship


The phenomenon that exists is the MoU not to fight seems meaningless, characterized by the fighting that continues to occur. A learner who never seems to want to finish. It seems that some students in Sukabumi are still 'ngeyel' with their delinquency. This reality becomes an embarrassing slap for the world of education in Sukabumi, because on the other hand Sukabumi's achievements are quite resounding both regional and national levels. The purpose of this research is 1) Planning 2) steps 3) Supervision of ritual worship habituation program and social of elementary school students carry out dzuhur prayer together and dhikr and aspects of maintaining cleanliness and environment. Research using qualitative approach with descriptive method and type of research namely field. Data collection techniques are carried out through interviews, documentation studies and observations with data sources in addition to PAI teachers and principals. While data analysis uses data reduction stages, data display, and data conclusive. This study found that the planning of ritual and social worship habituation programs is carried out by setting goals, strategies, budgets and implementing programs. Program implementation is carried out by planning, practicing, environment, discipline enforcement. Supervision is carried out intensively by rolling for imams to pray among existing teachers, while to maintain cleanliness, there is always the cleanest class selection activity every week.