Pembentukan Karakter Siswa Melalui Kegiatan Ekstrakurikuler Keagamaan di SMP Islam Terpadu Insan Mandiri Kota Sukabumi


  • Hanifah FM SMPN 3 Kota Sukabumi
  • Arfiani Yulianti Fiyul STAI Sukabumi
  • Wahyu Ginanjar STAI Sukabumi


Characters, Extracurricular, Religious


Noble character values, such as honesty, impressionism, togetherness, and religion, are eroded by foreign cultures that tend to be hedonistic, materialistic, and individualistic, so that the values of those characters are no longer considered important and contrary to the objectives to be obtained. This study aims to analyze a) Implementation of character education of love for God, responsibility, discipline, respect and courtesy, b) Religious extracurricular activities c) Inhibitory factors and support the implementation of religious extracurricular activities; d) The influence of religious extracurricular activities in Smp Islam Terpadu Insan Mandiri Sukabumi in shaping the character of students. Research using qualitative approach with descriptive method. Data collection techniques are carried out through interviews, documentation studies and observations with data sources in addition to PAI teachers, principals, and students.  The findings are that the character that wants to be formed by SMP IT Insan Mandiri is a) the character of Love For God, b) Responsibility, c) Discipline, d) Respect, d) Santun through religious extracurricular activities: a) Dhuha Prayer and reading the Qur'an before the learning process begins, , b) Congregational prayer, c) Youth Mosque, d) Nasyid, and e) Mabit (Night of Bina Iman and Taqwa). The conclusion is that extra-curricular religious activities directly or indirectly can have a positive impact on changes in student character if done repeatedly (repetation) and continuously (continoues).